Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun with Writing

Summer is a great time to be an academic librarian. Fewer desk hours, few to no classes, and less collection development (especially in this economy). Unfortunately, that doesn't mean we spend the summer sitting around reading. On the contrary, summertime is a great time to write.
Librarians at UNCG are tenure-track, so we need to present and publish. Conference presentations often take place during the academic year, but huge blocks of time for writing are rare, so, for me at least, writing happens in the summer.
This summer, I'm working on two writing projects. I'm cowriting a chapter with two other UNCG reference librarians for a textbook for our speech course. I'm also cowriting an article about writing librarians (don't think about it too much, it'll make your head spin) with a librarian from NC A&T. I'm really glad to be in a profession that values collaboration so much. From a purely practical standpoint, it's best for me to be accountable to other people to maximize productivity.
This was all a really long way of saying that I'm writing this morning, and I'm writing this post as a break in between the two writing projects. Seems ironic.

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