Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another busy day!

No time for pithy brilliance today, so I thought I'd try a quick rundown.
8:30-9: Check email, schedule three more classes for fall
9-11: Work on book chapter, open other writing project but not touch it
11-11:30- Scarf down lunch while reading all Freshman Read book (Enrique's Journey, not bad). 75ish pages to go!
11:30-12:30: Meet with co-authors of book chapter
12:30-1: Check voicemail and email.
1-3: Reference desk. Not very busy, so I did some research for the Media Studies class I'm helping a professor with.
3-4: Marketing Committee meeting
4-5: Check email, write this blog post and think about NMRT committee assignment for next year. Plus, maybe just one more page of Enrique's Journey...

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