Friday, May 2, 2008

Breakout: We Go Together

Presented by Val Ontell, Mesa San Diego College (a large community college)

They do workshops, a 1-hour, and one-shots

She got together with an ENG 101 instruction about setting up a learning community with Val's 1-hour class.
Combined syllabus, met back-to-back, had combined learning outcomes
ENG instructor asked for research dialogue, she asked for an annotated bib, including an evaluative part, did they use it in their research dialogue or not.
Marketing- flyers to everyone, posters, counseling center ads in course schedule, school newspaper.
Problem: students had to register for both classes separately, so some just registered for one
Used both classroom and library lab, though they didn't take up lab space unless it was necessary.

13 out of 15 students made it to the end of the semester. ENG instructor felt the quality of final projects was better than his normal 101 classes.
After third try, they finally got combined course registration number.

What they learned: Find someone with whom you are compatible, allow plenty of time for planning, expect to encounter problems, get one course number, be prepared to compromise, get the support of the administration, be prepared for small classes, publicize publicize publicize.

What a cool session! It was everything I hoped. This totally makes me wish we had the one-hour LI class so we could do cool stuff like this. This is the class/lab model I would love to be a part of.

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