Friday, May 2, 2008

Breakout Session: We're Out of Time! Extending the One-Shot Session VIrtually

By Eric Garcia and Danielle Skaggs, California State University, Northridge

Wanted to create tutorials because of lack of time in one-shot.
Asked students to complete short survey after class, then sent tutorials based on responses (basically a one-minute paper).
Some responses were about the resources, many questions were about the assignment. They let professor know about confusion.
After pilot, they got rid of one question and changed the second question to be more clearly about Library materials.

Used Camtasia because they already had it, ADA compliance
Compliance: Captioning, Description of visuals, keyboard commands
Reality: Camtasia 4 isn't very compliant with keyboard commands
Other problems: Sometimes in rooms with no computers, ran out of time, tech problems
Changes: paper form, changed to movie file (instead of Camtasia file)

The idea they presented was interesting, but I wanted more. The presentation was very brief, and they weren't planning to show a tutorial until someone asked.

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